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Atul Delivery Vehicles Options – Additional Information

The Delivery vehicles are all corrugated steel. The rounded roofed (with lateral corrugations) is for the Indian market while the pitched roof (with vertical corrugation) is for the international market – i.e. SA!

Scoot Dr’s demo vehicle especially imported in X-large


The horizontal ribbed (corrugated) delivery van (with a rounded roof) version is not available in CKD/SKD (completely knocked-down/semi-knocked down) format as it is a welded structure. Red, white or blue colours are available of the Delivery van with vertical corrugation and a pitched roof in SA, a couple of the rounded roof lateral corrugation are available in white only.

Atul delivery van regular size

Scoot Dr can bring in fully built up condition (rounded roofed, lateral corrugated) vans but these carry a premium of R5,000 to the current selling price based on the loading of the containers in SKD vs CKD condition.

As of now, the delivery vans sent to international markets from India are in CKD format, the vertical ribs acts as support and strength. The CKD delivery vans are bolted. The horizontal ribbed van with the rounded roof is for the Indian domestic market and is fully welded and fabricated at Manufacturing Unit in India. You will also see all big containers have the ribs vertical and not horizontal.

The Goldwagen parts distribution company – units in use in SA.

The vehicle has had the branding printing onto Chromadeck which is then pop riveted to the side of the van – it looks really good. Alternatively, Scoot Dr/Atul can facilitate channels for the upper and lower segments of the delivery van load area. This means that channels will be fitted to accommodate branding boards when/if required as branding on the corrugations can be tricky. Effectively, we propose that the top current drip rail or gutter be left as is, but when required, could fit a dummy rail beneath the current drip rail (at the top) and also fit a corresponding rail at the bottom. This would then allow for some form of (removable/inter changeable) advertising board to slide into place and supported by the upper and lower rails if required. This could be quite easily fitted on request and Scoot Dr/Atul would carry this cost.

Internal operational dimensions of the standard delivery van with the pitched roof are as follows:

  • Height: 1140 mm
  • Width: 1400 mm
  • Length: 1430 mm

Internal “operational” dimensions of the “Round Roof” delivery van version are as follows:

  • Height: 1050 mm
  • Length: 1400 mm
  • Width: 1400 mm

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