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Article from the Assembler/Distributer

Dynamic Automotive Systems (DAS) provide a glimpse of the history which resulted in the arrival of the ATUL range of products in South Africa.

During the 1970’s when transportation became a crucial problem in both the urban and rural areas of India, the late Mr Jagjivanbhai Karsanbhai Chandra embarked on a process to solve this problem. Realising that both the poor road conditions and affordability issues needed to be overcome he embarked on a research and planning study after which he skilfully engineered a transport vehicle from a motorcycle.

The ATUL “Chhakada”, “Auto Rickshaw”, “Tuk Tuk”, “3 Wheeler” was born.

Sharing his father’s vision , Mr Jayantibhai Chandra continued the legacy with the introduction of a diesel engine and the “Shakti”, “Smart” and “Gem” models. These various models featured People Carriers, Commercial Half Tonners, Delivery Vans and a host of other variants.

Dynamic Automotive Systems (DAS) in Port Elizabeth have secured the exclusive rights for the import, assembly and distribution of the ATUL range of vehicles. The vehicles assembled at the Port Elizabeth plant are fully homologated and approved for use on South African roads, whilst a full range of parts and accessories for the vehicles are also carried and are readily available.

As a form of natural progression, Dynamic Automotive Systems, in conjunction with the Dealer Network, are committed to building on the legacy of Mr Jagjivanbhai Chandra by offering reliable and affordable ATUL vehicles for both commercial and private use in South Africa.

During the introduction process various unique requirements for the South African market have been identified and with the vehicles being assembled locally, these interventions have been introduced. Of course this process of continued improvement now forms part of the local assembly process with the net result being an ever improving and enhanced end product.

As has been proven in Asia, the ATUL product range can and will make a significant contribution to the upliftment of South African society. These unique vehicles will fulfil a suitable vision for this business model, this being:

“To contribute to the eradication of poverty by empowering the people of South Africa to become self-dependent and also to create employment through our offering of a suitable and affordable product backed up by technology and service.”

After a slow start during which numerous, unforeseen administrative hurdles had to be cleared, Atul SA/DAS and Scoot Dr are now seeing an ever increasing acceptability and corresponding demand for the product.

We continue to be amazed by the ingenuity and entrepreneurship of South Africans when we are shown the many uses that these vehicles are being put to in creating service and employment opportunities.