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Cape Town’s Scoot Dr is a candy shop of convenient transport.

The rows of scooters outside the Scoot Dr store on 201 Bree Street glisten in shades of peppermint green, lemon-sherbet yellow and, of course, bright Vespa red. Here, eye-catching Vespas, Lambreattas, Bajajs and 2-stroke LMLs are lovingly restored, maintained, rented and sold.

Owned and run by Pete Milne and Neil Felgate, Scoot Dr has been saddling Capetonians and tourists up onto beautifully restored scooters for the past four years. The business was started through Neil’s passion for vintage bikes and the partners have been growing the trend in the Mother City ever since.

According to the duo, Cape Town is the perfect city in which to own or rent a scooter, which probably explains why the business is still on the up. Not only do local scooter riders own the retro-cool look, choosing two wheels over four is also economical. Scooters zoom past climbing fuel prices and parking fares, and traffic is also easily avoidable. And although you can’t reach speeds above 90km/h, you’re able to squeeze through the cars queuing during rush hours.

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