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Licensing & Registration Procedure

  1. Capture the Engine number and Chassis (VIN) numbers on your bike.
  2. Call Licensing Department[1] @ Civic Centre on 0860 103 089 – #1 (for English) #4 (motor) #1 (General Enquiries) to ascertain status of Bike:
    • If “No record” – i.e. not registered, proceed to Licence bike as a build up by following these steps:
      • Build up Affidavit document obtained from License Department to be filled in and then signed by Commissioner of Oaths at Police Station.
      • Obtain RPI[2] form from Licensing Department (Civic Centre, Pinelands etc.) to physically (i.e. with the bike) take out to the Vehicle Clearance Department for the SAPS[3] to complete in Stickland, Brackenfell – 021 945-3875 (or in Bellville).
      • Weight Certificate – completed from any SABS approved Weigh Bridge, e.g. some Roadworthy Test Centres and Scrap Yards.
      • Return to the Licensing Department to submit all three documents above (RPI, Weight Test & Affidavit). The RPI is in turn sent to the Department of Transport in Pretoria. They will contact you when ready to collect completed RPC (Request Police Clearance)[4] form from Pretoria.
      • Return to Vehicle Clearance Department (SAPS) with your bike and RCP.
      • Return to the Licensing Department to submit RCP and obtain your “Certificate of Registration” – i.e. register the vehicle.
      • Complete a roadworthy, e.g. from Gallows Hill or a Roadworthy Test Centre. You’ll need a temporary license (valid for 3 days available from License Department) – you’ll need mirrors, tires to have tread etc.
  3. Return to the Civic Centre with completed roadworthy to complete Licensing Documentation[5].
  4. Purchase number plate and license disc display … affix plate and insert license  … and you’re legal!

[1] Open Monday to Friday from 7am – 9pm, Saturdays 8am – 2pm and Sundays 9am – 1pm.
[2] Download Request Police Identication example – see below
[3] South African Police Service
[4] Download Request Police Clearance example – see below
[5] Download Registration & Licensing Documentation, page 1 of 4 – see below