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SYM Scooters South Africa

Sym 4-stroke automatic Scooters are manufactured in Taiwan and imported into SA by Kawasaki SA.
Kawasaki SA is a quality Japanese motorcycle brand (also representing Triumph) and chose Sym as its complementary scooter division. It is important to note that Sym is not a cheap Chinese import. All Sym scooters carry a 2-year warranty.

Scoot Dr specialises in quality, sustainable scootering and chose Sym as the best – in terms of quality and price – scooter brand to complement our Vespa custom, servicing and LML and sales division. Look no further if you’re looking for quality twist and go (automatic) scooters at great prices.

The moving arrow of Sanyang Motorcycle (SYM) logo mark signifies the advancing industrial technology that SYM has been constantly incorporating when developing products. The arrow mark not only suggests persistence in innovative technology but also displays the idea of steering towards the future and discovering the world with imaginative mindsets, adventurous spirits and creative thoughts. Through these exquisite sensational experiences in connection with their products, SYM is with everyone for life times, life needs, and life styles.
The brand identifies who Sym are and reinforces their promise to everyone that they care. It conveys Sym’s efforts of always trying to satisfy and inspire their customers with outlasting products that are exclusively designed for them.
Engine of Life – Sym’s brand brings to market superior motor vehicles that well represent the experiences of:
durability for life time, mobility for life needs, and affinity for life styles.

Durability – having the internal strength to last
The strength at the core of Sym culture translates into a commitment to professional craftsmanship, products that outlast, and a company that performs and competes for the long haul.

Humanity – the active qualities of human benevolence
In an industry dominated by mere observance of external standards, Sym strive to go beyond compliance to actively integrate their deep care for life into what they do and make.

Vibrancy – pulsing with life energy
All of Sym’s people, products and activities resonate with and embody this life energy that keeps Sym on the move.

Affinity – a natural attraction of similar things
Sym’s company and products draw people who share the same values, creating relationships based on an understanding of customers, partners, and employees that can only come because we are all the same. We all believe.

Creativity – imaginative productivity
Sym are driven to build a uniqueness that cannot be easily copied, because it is grounded in a creative way of thinking that continually generates new ideas and new ways of thinking.

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